STRAWBERRY BISCUIT (Vegan, with chia seeds)

strawberry bisc3
We are always looking for vegan alternatives for bake sale fundraisers and events at our local schools. These biscuits debuted at a recent spring festival event at our local high school and were a smash hit! Kids are immediately drawn to the bright colour and cute shape, and parents always seem intrigued by the strawberry seed texture on the surface of the biscuit. This recipe is reliable and produces a great result, although the texture of the final bake is a little different to a typical cookie or biscuit because the chia creates a soft, slighty spongey texture.

Half cup butter alternative (vegan table spread of your choice)
Quarter cup sugar
1 tablespoon white chia seeds, whisk in half cup of warm water (rest for 30 minutes prior to use)
1 tablespoon strawberry essence
1 teaspoon red food dye
1 tablespoon strawberry ketchup (see our recipe for French fry biscuits with strawberry ketchup)
One and quarter cups plain flour
Half cup SR flour
Half cup almond meal

Preheat oven to 180C. Beat sugar and butter at together until light (sugar will not dissolve completely at this stage, because of the small amount of butter/spread used). Add chia & water (should be gloopy, and resemble the texture of an egg), essence, food dye and strawberry ketchup. Beat well (the mixture may look very loose, and appear a bit separated at this stage). Add both flours and almond meal. Will not require very much mixing. Bring dough together using hands (should be soft). This will work well if using a cookie with a stamp or imprint.
Roll dough out and cut biscuits into desired shape. Keep hands and utensils floured while working, as dough can get a little sticky. A chunky depth to the biscuit will also help the final product resemble a strawberry. Place on lined baking tray, and cook for approximately 15 minutes. Biscuits also work well if cut into small squares, and half dipped in chocolate (or vegan chocolate alternative).
strawberry bisc2

strawberry bisc1


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