The Venetian is a commercial biscuit sold in most Australian supermarkets. While Arnott’s Australia maintains a standard repertoire of well over a hundred different biscuit varieties, the Venetian represents a specialty product for the company. The biscuit includes higher cost ingredients (currants, coconut) and is produced exclusively at the Marleston Arnott’s factory in South Australia, because only this site has the capacity to coat the biscuit with its signature white chocolate glaze.
Described as ‘light and delicate’, the Arnott’s Venetian always comes across as a bit of a disappointment. While all the elements of a great biscuit are there – vanilla, coconut and a sweet icing – the result of a truly light and delicate biscuit result remains unrealized.
In the following recipe, littlebaking gives the Venetian a make-over. To produce a lighter result – a patty cake pan is used as a mold to produce a more domed shape as the biscuit bakes. The traditional white chocolate coating is replaced with a more basic vanilla glaze. This complements the vanilla in the biscuit, and helps to produce a smoother coating across the surface of the biscuit. While we can’t claim that our version of the Venetian is always flawless either (what recipe is?) we can say it is delicious!

Ingredients (biscuit)
Three quarters of cup butter
Three quarters of cup caster sugar
Two teaspoons vanilla
One large egg
Two & half cups SR flour
Two thirds cup coconut

Ingredients (icing)
1 tablespoon of butter
2 cups icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon milk

To make biscuit: Beat sugar, vanilla and butter until light and creamy. Add egg and coconut and beat well. Add currants and flour, mix until well combined.
Grease a patty pan. Use approximately one tablespoon of mix to make each biscuit, lightly press into tray, making sure each biscuit has a slight depression in the middle (use the back of a teaspoon to help create the domed shape). Bake at 200C, for about 10 minutes until golden brown.

Wait for biscuits to completely cool. Beat all of the icing ingredients together until smooth. Add milk in very small amounts until the mix is thick, but runny enough to dip the biscuits face down. Hold the biscuit and let gravity drain the excess icing. Will keep well (if stored in an air-tight container) for up to 2 weeks.
venetian 1


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