Time to get your Freek on! Two reasons. First, this superfood is both flavourful and nutritionally rich (when compared to home pantry staples such as pasta and rice). Second, freekeh challenges conventional definitions of fast food. While the term ‘fast food’ usually conjures up images of food which is high in fat and sugar, and is prepared quickly (a double cheese burger at McDonald’s is cooked and assembled in 60 seconds), freekeh proves that fast food can mean something entirely different. Traditional definitions of fast food are usually based on low preparation time. The following freekeh recipe helps to re-define ideas about fast food by showing that low preparation effort and a low level of observation while cooking can make meals easy, quick and stress free to prepare. While successful home baking may be about great recipes and great ingredients, it is also about good time management. Cooking freekeh may take 20 minutes, but requires no monitoring, very little effort, and delivers a nutritionally rich outcome using staples from the pantry shelf (peanuts, stock, dried shallot). And 20 minutes is probably still less time than it takes to jump in the car and negotiate a drive thru, or wait 45 minutes for a pizza delivery.
pantry salad 1
One 250g box of freekeh
Half cup of granulated peanuts
Vegetable stock – approx. 4 litres
Half cup of fried shallot (available packaged, in the spice section of your local Asian grocer)

Put freekeh in large saucepan, cover with stock (or water flavoured with stock cube/s). Bring to boil, and let cook for approx. 20-25 minutes. Remove from stove. While warm, add granulated peanuts, stir. Top with fried onion.


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